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Northport - Fire Department

Professional volunteers proudly serving the Northport community since 1889. Providing fire and rescue services twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

Northport Fire Department was founded in 1889 and is five years older than the Incorporated Village of Northport. The history of the department and the village are bound together. This history is woven together by old records and minutes of Fire Department meetings, Village board meetings, elections and old photos. Some shown below. It is a story of people, often working with primitive equipment, limited funds, and battling seemingly against odds. 

 In its earliest days, the Northport Volunteer Fire Department used simple man-power to fight fires. The alarm was spread by men running on foot, then dragging the apparatus by means of sheer brawn to the site of the fire. Later, horses were used, and later still steam, then gasoline engines, but always it was men who were needed. Even today, in a world of instant communication and electronic impulses, it is man and woman, who ultimately fight fires. Looking back, those early fires seem almost simple affairs - woods, grass, sparks from a stove - all that was needed was water, and plenty of it. Later there are records of fires caused by faulty electrical wiring, or automobile fires where more than water was needed to do the job. Today, firefighting is much more complicated. Firefighters must battle chemical fires and toxic substances which give off lethal fumes and burn at increadibly high temperatures.

Phone Number: (631) 261-7504

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